Below is a link to a video I took of a mother elephant and 2 calves at Tarangire National Park Tanzania. No editing, no added sound, only raw footage 6 mins long. I’m told that it’s too long for a website, but since both are my entities to share as I will……
I hope this draws the viewer into feeling they are there. Because in the not too distant future this scene will vanish. The water will dry up, pressure from local communities living around national parks who want water for their cattle.
Cattle are not sustainable in drought prone areas, they turn it into a dust bowl. There are far too many cattle bred/born since Independence in 1961 to be sustainable. Then there’s human, wildlife conflict when a roaming lion kills a Maasai cow. They retaliate as is their custom, and kill the lion. This is a fragile Eco-system in the balance.
I hope you enjoy the video.

“We are all wardens of the land we inhabit, therefore morally obligated to protect wildlife and the environment for future generations. Otherwise we have failed in our duty as human beings”.